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The Future of Making Friends_BigFriendo

Designer – Alexa Getting
Location- all over the world

*Hey everyone so I have been busy building a social networking app that helps you find “new” friends within your area or around the world. I figured since I have neglected my Reality Distorted blog for the past 6 months or so to get this web application running. I might as well share it here with you. I hope you enjoy it, try it, use it and help spread the word.

Check out the crowdfunding campaign that is going on now here


So why did I start BigFriendo, when there are numerous social networking sites out there already?
Well for a variety of reasons, actually…
1. Because I have needed a site like this for years!
2. If I needed it, then maybe you needed it too.
3. Friends make life better.

It’s simple really, I have lived in 9 different cities in the last 12 years and even though I have enjoyed each and every move, the first thing I miss (always) are my friends. Yes, its fun to explore museums, boutiques, cafes and the sites of a new city, but after a while… it just gets lonely doing everything by yourself. Thus, I wanted to create a website that helped speed up the process of meeting potential friends.

BigFriendo is not only for those just moving to a city or even a new place, but also for all those moments in life when things change. When you graduate or move or get a dog or have a baby or get a divorce or break up or get out of rehab or change career paths or change your life direction or want to start a band or learn how to cook or brew a beer or need some new energy around you. Doing stuff, learning and just enjoying the company of other people is what life is all about, we all need friends and some times we need new ones or different ones or don’t have any to begin with – whatever the reason is, you might as well give it a try.

So how is it different then other sites:

Click on the join button and sign up/login to BigFriendo using your facebook account. It’s Free!


Create a basic profile of interests and select the activities that you are:
1. Interested in or enjoy (able ).
2. Want to learn how to do (learn ).
3. Are willing to teach someone else how to do (teach ).


Using the matchmaking system that is embedded in BigFriendo’s code, the system will
recommend potential friend matches based on the criteria you have selected.

For Example: You have selected “Kayaking” as an activity that you enjoy doing and are willing to teach. BigFriendo will search the system for people, in your area, that either:
1. Have selected kayaking as an interest
2. Have selected wanting to learn how to Kayak

This matching will be further filtered based on your location, gender and age range preference.
The more information and interests you have filled in to the system the better your chances of meeting a better friend match and also more potential friends. It’s as simple as that! Join, create and start finding awesome friendos now!