We are interested in capturing the ideas and exposing the dreams of the conceptual designer and future thinking prone people. Whether your idea is just a dream, an idea or a reality we are interested in hearing more about it. We welcome designs that result in people peering at them with a cocked head and perhaps misunderstood wonderment. If the “why” or the “how did you do that?!” comes to mind of your critics, clients, peers, and the like – we most likely will want to showcase your work. Design seems to be taking on this copy/paste attitude (at least in architecture) where it has become acceptable to no longer create your own work but rather tweak another persons idea and call it your own.

We are designers. We are responsible for our own ideas and creating them. We believe that there is indeed original work out there and creative minds coming up with new ideas for the future of design/architecture everyday and we would like to showcase it here for other like-minded people to bathe in and absorb the conceptual work we have all created.

In short, this blog hopes to post designs that represent ideas of where the field of design/art/architecture/film/music may be headed in the next 5, 10, 50, 200+ years.

About the Owner:
Alexa Getting owns and operates a design firm in western Finland from the “smallest city in Finland” – Kaskinen. You can see more about her at the firms website // Thank you for checking out Reality Distorted.

She has also started a website that unites people through activity and helps you to make new friends. Visit Big Friendo to learn more.