Recall Registry _ future of funerals

Posted · by — October 28, 2013

Designer: Alexa Getting
Location: Finland

Project Description:
As our lives become more dependent on and embedded within the virtual realm our relationships with other humans are beginning to change. We interact with each other more through hand held devices, computer screens and the internet than we ever have before. Our direct contact with the actual, real human is very limited and sometimes deemed unnecessary. How many friends do you have on Facebook that you have never met in reality? What once used to be an occasional pen pal for entertainment is now a way of life. We know more about each other through what we post on Facebook or blogs or twitter or any number of social interaction sites, then we do otherwise. We have job interviews through Skype, we complain about products on a live chat session, we can find love through online dating services or avatars, and we can even have an orgasm with our partner through handheld devices when they are millions of miles away or just next door.

The relationship and physical contact between humans is changing and thus our relationship with death will also transform. If ones character or personality is defined by what they post in the virtual realm via images, comments, videos, “likes”, etc. or even through virtual conversations, then our memories of them would revolve around such things. Therefor attending a funeral or visiting a gravesite for a body that we had barely any contact with seems outdated and maybe a bit peculiar. Would it not be better to do activities or see places/things that reminded one of the deceased, rather than visit a stone in the ground where the remains sit rotting? Since all of our actions are recorded and stored in the virtual realm anyway it seems that a service providing access to this in an organized way, would be a more acceptable and enjoyable experience for remembering someone. The “Recall Registry” provides just that service. It is a place where one goes to “visit” the recorded memories of the deceased. Once you enter the Recall Registry you will experience 5 senses while traveling through 6 different zones.

Zone 1 – Lift off
In this zone you will take a glass elevator several stories up to a waiting room. Where you will sit and enjoy the view until your “memory visit” is ready or until the rest of your party has arrived.

Zone 2 – Condolence Alley
In this zone you will begin your journey by walking down a curving hallway lined with windows able to see other people doing the same. This area is used for clearing your head prior to entering flashback walk, as well as an area to mimic the comfort you feel when walking in a graveyard and seeing others,
from a distance, doing the same thing.

Zone 3 – Flashback Walk (sound, smell, optional embedded imagery/sight) – active
This area is where you are unable to see others and it is a chance for you to recall your own memories based on sensory cues provided to you through the recall registry service. This zone focuses on sound bites and scents to remind you of your loved one. It accesses any sound clips or audio clips in the system and plays them at a comfortable volume as you walk down a straight hallway lined with windows looking out. At varied moments it will spray a scent in the air that is related to the one you are visiting. Maybe it was their favorite perfume or maybe they worked in construction and the smell of sawdust enters the room. This is all assumed from the database of purchases made by the deceased party. In this zone you are expected to recall your own memories from your mind as you walk. Walking is an important feature since massaging of the feet spurs thought.

Zone 4 – Recall Rooms (sight, sound, smell) – static
This is a zone where you sit in a black box room, similar to that of a film screening room in an art museum, and watch video clips, flashes of photos, read blogs or the history on the person. It’s a room where the memories are provided to you and you have control of how long you watch, what you watch and how many times, but your body is at rest. The recall registry provides the archive service – you just choose how long you want to remember someone for.

Zone 5 – Cafe (taste)
In this optional zone you conclude your visit and have the option to eat the favorite meal of your loved one or have a recipe of theirs prepared for you. You may sit in this zone overlooking the sea for as long as you like. This is a non-silent zone, so it is acceptable to talk in this zone – similar to a reception after a funeral service.

Zone 6 – Death Cleanse
In this zone you walk through a dark tunnel underground, minimally lit, chilly and with the scent of damp mud and stone. This zone is a reminder that we came from the dirt and we go back to it in the end. At the end of the dark tunnel you are met with a brilliant white light and re-emerge into the snow-capped mountains once again, before exiting the park.

Recall Registry Login // Membership Process:
Step 1 – Sign up for a Recall Registry Membership
Step 2 – Log in and enter who you would like to visit with today or choose another specified date.
Step 3 – Modify memories to your preferences. For example, if there are memories associated with
people you don’t like or don’t know and only want memories displayed that pertain to you – you could
make that selection here. Also choose how many senses you would like to involve during your visit.
Step 4 – Determine whether you will be visiting alone or with other. If this is a group or family visit all
visitors must have a membership number prior to visiting.
Step 5 – Receive your gate number and proceed to it.

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