Aquaria_Pat Panupaisal

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Designer: Pat Panupaisal
Location: San Francisco currently // From Thailand
Academy of Art: Professor Kory Bieg

Proposal: Aquaria – The Floating Pavilion

This proposal explores the possibility of floating structures and the interaction between architecture and water level fluctuations. The form of the pavilion evolved from a series of formal explorations documented in a modifier catalogue. The form consists of a skeletal/structural frame that holds the floating clusters of pod-like volumes in place.

Surrounding the building are tidal walkways, which as the name suggests, can become inundated throughout the course of a day. As the tide rises, the movement throughout the walkways is affected, constricting circulation and disconnecting the pavilion from the rest of the expo.

The underwater aquaditorium provides a dynamic and lively backdrop to the performance space as sea dwellers underneath the bay swim by. The main concept for this pavilion is the interaction between architecture and the world of water by exploring new possibilities for underwater architecture as well as floating architecture.

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